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Help Seniors

Recently Jestha Nagarik Chautari ( Senior Citizen Chautari ) established on August 29th, 2019 ( Bhadra 12th, 2076 BS ) Since established Jestha Nagarik Chautari ( Senior Citizen Chautari ) has been helping senior citizen to keep record keeping blood pressure and make an environment for physical fitness, such as badminton, pickle ball. In future more indoor and our door games, as well make an arrangement for blood sugar kit, pulse oximeter. eye camp and Physical exam.

All this has been possible through the genuine concern and sincere support of friends and organizations from all over the world. Jestha Nagarik Chautari is committed to carry on health of senior citizen. Thecho. Jestha Nagarik Chautari looks forward to your continued support for care for health of senior citizen, Thecho.

To meet this objective Jestha Nagarik Chautari has started the Jestha Nagarik Chautari Endowment Fund:

  • Contributions from the fund will be directly deposited into an account of Jestha Nagarik Chautari, Thecho.
  • The contribution itself will never be used.

Fund will be utilized to focus health of entire respective senior citizen of Godawari Nagar Palika, Ward No 12. Thecho, Lalitpur. Jestha Nagarik Chautari – record keeping of blood pressure, blood sugar and make a schedule for physical check up, Eye camp, Sugar camp for Senior Citizen Chautari, Thecho.

Jestha Nagarik Chautari, Thecho will very much appreciate your kind donations.

Bank Account details:

Bank a/c No.:  02-641500197490-02
Name of Bank: NIC Asia Bank.
Address:    Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal
Swift Code:    NICENPKA
Name of beneficiary : Jestha Nagarik Chautari

The founder members will personally acknowledge all contributions. All contributors will be kept informed about the decisions of the founder members of the fund. Thank you for your continued support and best wishes.

Mr. Bal Krishna Thapa Magar

( Founder President )
Jestha Nagarik Chautari

Helping Senior Citizens

Direct Donation
NIC Asia Bank, Kathmandu, Nepal
Name Of Beneficiary : Jestha Nagarik Chautari.
Account No: 02-641500197490-02

Respect to Senior Citizen
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